Misti Ferris

Misti Ferris

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At the core of every high-performance machine, you will find an engine, or a heart or a nuclear reactor. Misti Ferris is all of those things. Misti brings 10 years of management and operations experience to her role as Vice President of Operations at Roger West, where she ensures that every department works together to complete client projects on time and on budget.

Some might say Misti’s job is similar to herding cats, but her function at Roger West is much more complex than that. She can perfectly orchestrate production needs across every department – and make it look easy. An interdepartmental liaison, Misti works with every member of the team to offer guidance and support for production needs, client requests, scheduling, budgeting and anything related to day-to-day and special operations.

Before joining Roger West, Misti perfected her skillset with Spinstak Growth Agency, where she served as Marketing Manager, Client Success and Operations Manager, and Director of Operations. Throughout her marketing career, Misti has acquired multiple HubSpot certifications and the skills required to help fast-growing agencies manage events, team expansion, client expectations and start-to-finish production.

Misti can be described by The Three Ms: mom, marketer, minimalist. These defining traits perfectly position her to be the driving force and secret weapon of Roger West. As a mother, she is perfectly trained to course-correct creatives and maintain a flexible, yet effective schedule. As a marketer, she can handle anything clients throw our way. And as a minimalist, she can get it all done efficiently – perfectly aligning agency output with client needs and expectations.

People are about as happy as they make their minds up to be.”