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Data Analytics

Marketing Data Analytics

Data might not be sexy, but it helps brands spend smarter and market harder. Savvy digital marketers like the team at Roger West use industry-best tools to measure, collect, analyze and report on KPIs customized to each client.

Maximize your marketing metrics

We want to help your business gain better insights on marketing initiatives so we can produce agile, cost-effective campaigns. Data fuels our integrated approach to digital marketing, and we use it to inform campaign decisions. A few of our favorite metrics come from:

  • A/B Testing
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Campaign/PPC Reporting
  • Website/SEO Performance

You’ve heard us nerd out about data, now let us show you how we can deliver dynamic solutions that boost metrics and generate killer ROI for your business. Give us a call and become a lean, mean, insights-driven machine.

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