How to Crush Your Lead Gen Goals with a SEMrush Agency Partner

April 16, 2021   /   by  Maggie Stankiewicz

One of the best parts about working in digital marketing is getting to witness the rapid innovation of technology and methodologies that help us drive ROI for our clients. When we love a tool or platform that supports our mission to deliver high-quality integrated digital marketing to clients, we do everything we can to build a strong relationship with the company behind the innovation. That’s why we’re a SEMrush Agency Partner.

There’s a reason SEMrush is one of the most popular SEO tools on the market today – and that’s because it works! (And, for all of you stock market nerds out there, they just went public). SEMrush supercharges digital marketing by offering key insights on SEO, paid media, and more to help businesses optimize their content and rankings. As an Agency Partner, SEMrush provides Roger West with all these benefits and more, while connecting us with brands seeking trusted agencies to support their digital campaigns. Here are just a few of the ways we use SEMrush as an Agency Partner to help our clients.

It’s Not Spying – It’s Competitor Research!

SEMrush provides our digital team with stellar SEO and paid media insights on our clients’ competition. The data provided by SEMrush is accurate and up to date, ensuring that our digital strategy remains agile. We can use the SEMrush platform to identify a client’s top organic competitors, their chosen keywords, and other critical SEO metrics.

The platform also enables us to analyze the competition’s top-performing content and web pages, and it offers an easily digestible view of their pages with rankings on Google’s top search results. With the click of a button, we can see organic search traffic, keywords, traffic cost, backlink data, and more. By regularly monitoring the keywords and content of the competition, we can give our client campaigns a competitive edge that’s backed by current data and research.

“The most valuable thing about SEMrush is the detailed insights it provides for both SEO and paid media for our clients and their competitors. It’s an invaluable tool to put forth a strategic digital media strategy.”

Tim Peyton, Director of Digital Strategy at Roger West

Organic Traffic That’s Free of Pesticides

We trust SEMrush to provide us with introspective data on our clients. Almost every SEMrush feature can be used to improve clients' SEO performance! Because organic traffic plays a major role in the content funneled to the website, we use SEMrush to determine which keywords are driving the most traffic.

SEMrush’s Site Audit function inspects websites to determine their health – identifying more than 130 technical and SEO red flags that might be hindering performance. It also offers solutions and automated reports to support continuous improvement. We use a majority of the 40+ tools offered by SEMrush to address our clients’ challenges and deliver dynamic digital strategies with unparalleled ROI.

Some Sweet, Sweet Qualified Leads

We use SEMrush as a tool to collect data on our clients’ web performance, ranking, and competition, all with the primary goal to help them generate leads. Our experienced team analyzes this information and makes real-world recommendations based on the data that drives client success in the real-world. SEMrush provides the numbers, which allows us to develop in-depth, customized digital strategies for clients who are ready to take their lead generation to the next level.

SEMrush’s Agency Partners platform is a powerful tool that connects brands looking to outsource marketing efforts with agencies and individual specialists. If a brand finds Roger West on the SEMrush Agency Partner platform, we already know that they’re serious about doing what it takes to create high-quality, high-value campaigns. They can also be assured that we’ve been vetted, trained, and have the expertise to turn SEM reports into value-driven strategies.

Are you ready to join our clients from all industries looking to rank higher and covert more with high ROI? Give us a call.

Maggie Stankiewicz

Maggie Stankiewicz

Communications Strategist

As Communications Strategist for Roger West, Maggie developed outstanding content for a diverse array of clients and created an ongoing strategy to establish the agency’s unique brand voice.