Arboreta Healthcare Brand Identity

December 14, 2021

Roger West Develops a New Brand Identity for Arboreta

When the fast-growing healthcare group Assisted4Living decided it was time to give their brand identity a refresh, they turned to the creative design gurus at Roger West. After developing several ideas for new logos and assets, the team realized they needed to pitch a much more ambitious plan to help the client meet their goals: a complete rebranding, including a name change.

Several intense brainstorming sessions later, Arboreta Healthcare was born. The name "Arboreta" refers to the shade or entrance to a garden formed by trees or climbing plants, which underscored the client's role as guardian or protector over the health and wellness of patients. After creating an inspired new logo to accompany the name change, the Roger West team produced a comprehensive brand guidelines book to serve as a resource for all future content.

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