Attabotics Brand Identity

March 11, 2024

Attabotics Fulfills Brand Potential with Support from Roger West

When the innovative Canadian robotics company Attabotics needed to establish a firm brand identity, they turned to the experts at Roger West. Although some elements of the Attabotics brand were already in place, they needed more consistent guidelines and a strong vision that aligned with their groundbreaking technology.

The design team at Roger West developed a powerful brand look and feel that embodied the company's innovative spirit. Once the new brand guidelines were in place, the team got to work on implementing that look and feel across a newly developed website and multiple pieces of content, including digital eBooks, a trade show booth, digital ads, social media posts, and printed materials. Thanks to the strong vision of Roger West's creative designers, Attabotics now has a distinctive brand aesthetic befitting its dedication to building revolutionary robotics technology.

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