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Increase in Reservations


Decrease in Cost Per Reservation


Increase in Mobile Call Conversions

Results Beyond Expectation

The results of our paid search strategy met and exceeded our goals. Over 2 years, Roy’s reservations increased by a whopping 532%, their cost per reservation dropped by 46%, and they had a 522% increase in mobile call conversions.

The campaigns have been so successful that Roy’s increased their monthly spend by 267%.

About Roy’s Restaurant

Culinary pioneer Roy Yamaguchi created fusion cuisine at his original Roy’s in Honolulu in 1988. Blending classic techniques with adventurous Pacific Rim flavors, he created an entirely new approach to fine dining. Today, there are 17 Roy’s restaurants in the continental United States, six in Hawaii, one in Japan and one in Guam.

3111 W Doctor M.L.K. Jr Blvd LakePointe Two | Suite #360, Tampa, FL 33607