PDQ Helps Customers Find Their Perfect Taste Match

PDQ is a restaurant that serves fresh, fast, and affordable food. PDQ is well-known for their made-from-scratch chicken tenders, sandwiches, and salads. Since opening in Tampa, Florida in 2011, the brand has believed in their restaurant simultaneously exhibiting quality food and welcoming hospitality to each customer. 

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When PDQ expanded their menu with a crispy take on the sub sandwich, they needed a way to attract attention to these unique selections. The new “Tender Luvin’ Subs” came in three varieties: honey mustard, ranch, and spicy. PDQ needed an engaging campaign that could highlight the unique flavor of each sub and encourage customers to give them a try. After working successfully with Roger West Creative & Code in the past, PDQ turned to the agency once again to create excitement for the new menu items.


  • Website Development
  • Email Strategy
  • Social Media Traction
  • Interactive Concepts

A Whole Lotta Luv

Roger West quickly got to work developing ideas to raise awareness among customers. Initially, the team developed the idea of a “Which Sub Are You” quiz to get people involved in the new menu launch. That concept quickly evolved into an alternate take on popular mobile dating apps. Instead of taking an interactive quiz to determine which sub they are, customers would now be encouraged to find out “Which sub is your match?” Each sub flavor would have a unique personality presented in the style of a dating app profile. Customers would then be encouraged to try the flavor they were matched with by the quiz results.

To execute this idea, Roger West moved forward with several steps. The team worked to develop dynamic layout concepts for the design, then followed with copy to complement both the campaign and the voice of the PDQ brand. A series of questions and flavor profiles were written to match one of the three subs to the people taking the quiz. To draw people to the quiz, PDQ sent out a series of emails with CTAs that pushed customers to the landing page. Social media was also used as a tool in this campaign, with each sub receiving a playful profile on PDQ’s Instagram feed to promote awareness and encourage customers to engage with the site.

Making the Perfect Match

The majority of people who visited the landing page interacted with the sub personality quiz. Roger West was also able to see how the quiz results turned out, which revealed which sub potential customers matched with the most. Since the short list of questions displayed on the landing page were randomly selected from a larger pool, customers were able to take the quiz more than once and get a different match each time. Because they could have fun interacting with the quiz an unlimited number of times, the landing page encouraged them to learn about all three menu items and gave more of an incentive to try them.

The Roger West team was able to showcase and grow our skills when working with customer engagement. During the entire process of brainstorming, collaborating, creating design, writing copy, and making any changes to the innovative campaign, Roger West helped PDQ reinforce and evolve its brand identity while simultaneously making customers more aware of new menu items.

If you’re looking to create campaigns that will help raise awareness and be a matchmaker for your business, connect with Roger West today.



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