IMA Revitalizes Its Lead Gen with Roger West

IMA Medical Group is Florida’s leading primary care practice dedicated to delivering compassionate, patient-centered care to patients ages 65 and older. With multiple wellness centers located across the state and multi-lingual doctors who are passionate about creating personalized patient experiences that cater to the needs of every individual, IMA coordinates all aspects of the healthcare journey while offering convenient amenities that make receiving care a pleasure.

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As a healthcare provider focused on Medicare Advantage patients, IMA dedicates a lot of resources to new patient outreach to boost enrollment numbers. Despite having multiple locations throughout Florida, IMA had yet to implement a digital marketing campaign that incorporated paid media ads capable of reaching a much broader audience. The growing company turned to Roger West Creative & Code to launch a multi-faceted strategy that would revitalize its existing messaging and use targeted paid media campaigns to drive higher-quality traffic to the IMA website. 


  • Brand Messaging
  • Paid Media (social media, paid search, and programmatic display)
  • New Landing Pages

Refreshing the Brand

As part of a larger strategy to help IMA expand its market reach and increase enrollment, the Roger West team took steps to reposition the IMA brand and bring a greater degree of consistency to its messaging. The project started by conducting interviews with a cross-section of employees ranging from the C-Suite to health center physicians. After gathering those insights, the brand team crafted new messaging that better captured IMA’s mission, values, and unique qualities.

Throughout the course of the branding exercise, Roger West also helped to develop core customer personas: caregivers, preventative care patients, and care management patients. These personas would help inform future content development and allowed IMA to implement customer journey mapping that provided their sales and operations teams with a better understanding of how patients first become aware of IMA, went on to enroll and make their first appointments, and then decide to return for future care.

A New Approach to Lead Gen

Prior to engaging with Roger West, IMA relied on a combination of organic website traffic, direct mail, and email to reach potential patients. Implementing a paid media strategy that included Facebook/Instagram ads, Google search ads, and banner ad displays quickly became a top priority for the Roger West digital team. The first outreach campaign got underway by focusing on four main groups of potential enrollees: 

  • Age-In: This group consisted of people approaching age 65, which is when they become eligible for Medicare benefits. 
  • Caregivers: Another large group was people who care for an aging loved one and are looking for a medical provider that specializes in working with Medicare-eligible patients. 
  • New Movers: This category included people who recently moved to Florida from out of state and are located close to an IMA care center. 
  • New Patients: The final group consisted mainly of potential patients looking to switch from another provider or seeking ongoing medical care for the first time. 

The Roger West team created a unique landing page for each group that featured content appropriate to the audience. 

Even as this campaign got underway, the digital team was already hard at work on a second campaign focused on the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period (AEP). Running from October 15-December 7 in 2021, AEP is a critical time for healthcare providers that treat Medicare patients because many people are researching new primary care providers. Knowing that IMA wanted to capitalize on this period of heightened interest, the Roger West team developed a three-step paid media campaign to raise awareness and boost enrollment. 

  • Warm Up: The initial wave of ads focused on raising awareness among potential patients that AEP was approaching fast and it was time to start evaluating options for primary care services. 
  • Primary: Once the AEP arrived, the digital strategy shifted to encourage people to schedule a visit with IMA and begin the enrollment process. 
  • Urgent: In the final weeks of AEP, the team changed focus once again to emphasize the approaching deadline and prompt them to take action quickly before time runs out. 

As with the broader lead gen efforts from earlier in the year, the AEP campaign directed potential patients to dedicated landing pages that allowed IMA to track where leads were coming from and track whether or not they eventually enrolled as patients. 

Sticking the Landing

As part of the paid media strategy, the Roger West team designed a series of landing pages for each targeted group to capture traffic from various lead generation campaigns. The pages incorporated newly created brand messaging and could be displayed in either English or Spanish to reach more potential patients. Since each landing page was location specific, it could display which doctors were available at each location, which reinforced IMA’s commitment to building closer relationships with patients.

After arriving on the landing page, visitors could select different IMA locations, which dynamically changed the contact information and medical staff displayed. They could request appointments and schedule tours on these pages as well, all of which was then be tracked to determine where traffic was coming from and which calls to action proved most effective.


Since IMA had not run paid media prior to working with Roger West, the digital team developed cost per lead (CPL) goals based of insights gathered from industry research. Not only did the campaigns hit those goals, but they also proved to be a major driver in new patient growth throughout 2021.

Between July and December, paid media was responsible for 71% of new patient enrollments. Looking at 2021 as a whole, paid media still drove nearly 60% of all new patient enrollments despite the fact that campaigns didn’t begin running until mid-way through the year.

With so many new enrollments pouring in, IMA can now focus on delivering better care and implementing patient retention strategies. Their new landing pages and refreshed brand messaging ensure that potential patients arriving through paid media channels will be able to find the services they need and learn more about why IMA is the best choice for their medical care.

The results demonstrate the value of working with an agency that takes a holistic approach to lead generation and brand identity. By looking at this bigger picture, the Roger West team was able to develop a multi-faceted strategy that helped IMA to exceed its enrollment goals and set it up for sustainable success in the years to come.