Healthcare PPC Campaign Reduces Cost Per Sale by 60%

A National Health Insurance Corporation and leader in Medicare Advantage Plans provides managed care services targeted to government-sponsored health care programs, like Medicare and Medicaid. Roger West has worked with the health plan for several years, developing landing pages, promotional materials, and even agent microsites. After a long and successful partnership, the health plan asked Roger West to take over their entire healthcare marketing PPC campaign to decrease cost per lead and cost per sale.

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Roger West’s client, a national health insurance company, is one of the largest health plans in the United States, serving populations in and out of the contiguous U.S. The insurer offers a variety of health plans for families, children, the elder population, the blind, and the disabled, as well as prescription drug plans. The Company has served millions of members nationwide and experienced record-breaking enrollment growth in 2021.


  • PPC Campaign Strategy
  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Ad Network Management
  • Remarketing Ad Management
  • Website Design & Development
  • Microsite
  • Ad Design
  • Data Integration
  • Tracking & Analytics

Lower Costs, Bigger Gains

Roger West and the client worked together to identify specific campaign goals related to the organization’s Medicare Advantage and Medicare and Medicaid Dual Enrollment leads. It didn’t take long to establish a primary focus on:

  • Decreasing cost per qualified lead for Dual Enrollment
  • Decreasing cost per sale for Medicare Advantage Plans

The Roger West team created targeted campaign ads for 21 different markets and two different brands, including the core organization and a related brand. These campaigns were set up in Google and Bing, featuring both brand and non-branded keywords, dynamic geo-targeting, and click-to-call messaging. 

Bringing the Ads to Life

These ads served up one of two different campaign microsites, which Roger West wrote, designed, and developed for A/B split-testing. These microsites featured dynamic geo-targeting and variable data form programming to automatically qualify leads and personalize the experience to the user.

If a lead meets the qualification requirements, several actions are triggered:

  1. The lead receives a personalized benefits package in the form of a PDF.
  2. The lead data is automatically sent to Salesforce.
  3. The call center receives a notification and reaches out to the lead within minutes.

Visitors who do not complete the form are retargeted with banner ads on relevant sites.

The best part is, the insurer now has data to support which keywords, ads, and microsites perform the best – and they have it for all 21 markets. With a high-performing campaign, they are now more confident about how to allocate their PPC budget.

Roger West monitored each campaign daily, constantly adjusting keywords, ads, and campaign assets to achieve optimal results. The team prepared weekly and monthly reports of campaign stats to keep the client informed about campaign performance until the project’s conclusion.



decrease in cost per qualified lead


increase in sales conversion rate


decrease in cost per sale