Enavate Humanizes Technology Services and Solutions through a Focus on Brand

Enavate transformed in 2020 after experiencing impressive growth and wanted to update its brand image to better align with its goals and positioning. They came to Roger West looking for a fully updated messaging framework, copywriting, and design services to level up the brand’s image and content.

Industry  /  Technology

Enavate is a technology consulting company that transforms businesses and the lives they touch by taking a personal approach to ERP implementations and cloud transformation. Enavate consultants are empowered and committed to meeting the needs of every client as they work towards providing a more human experience to technology solutions and services.


  • Messaging & Copywriting
  • Branding & Positioning
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Promotional Materials

Finding (and Telling) the Brand Story

When Enavate came to Roger West looking to update their brand, the first thing the agency did was begin developing a messaging framework to help Enavate share their story. The content team conducted interviews with Enavate’s team and partners to gain a better understanding of what makes Enavate different than its competition.

Roger West gathered these findings and used them to inform a messaging framework that could successfully tell the brand’s story, highlighting the company’s greatest asset: its people and culture. Roger West created a document with messaging and positioning surrounding Enavate’s core values, foundational narrative, value proposition, differentiators, and cultural aspirations. This messaging was then used to generate content, including:

  • Web copy
  • Boilerplate
  • Sales and marketing materials
  • Internal documentation
  • Vision 2024 campaign development

Look Good, Feel Good

Enavate didn’t just want to sound good, they wanted to look good too. Roger West understands the importance of brand consistency and wanted to use engaging visuals to complement the story created by the client and the content team. The first step was to refresh Enavate’s logo and build an updated brand guidelines document.

Roger West worked closely with Enavate leadership to establish stimulating visuals and style guidelines to represent the brand and support the company’s narrative. The agency’s designers used Enavate’s new brand guidelines to create PowerPoint templates and other branded documents.

A Look Ahead: Vision 2024

Culture and vision are core tenets of the Enavate brand, and it was important that every member of the Enavate team feel included and empowered by the organization. To instill a sense of deep community and aspiration within the Enavate team, CEO Thomas Ajspur and the company’s executive leadership conceived Vision 2024. The goal of this project was to inspire the entire Enavate community – team members, clients, partners and prospects – to set and exceed goals while illustrating the vision for Enavate in the coming years.

Roger West’s content and design teams were once again enlisted to help bring this dream to fruition, using messaging and design to create engaging assets. Among the materials developed for the Vision 2024 project, a booklet on the company’s vision and branded t-shirts were sent to the entire Enavate team. Roger West provided copywriting, design, and production services to Enavate to help the organization better envision their very promising future.

Innovating with Enavate 

Roger West offers integrated marketing services to many clients, and Enavate is no exception. The agency continues to work closely with the Enavate team to produce and develop content such as video scripts, sales decks, and other assets to help them achieve their goals.

We’re thrilled to be working with Roger West. I know that we can trust them with our brand image and they always deliver. They’re not just an agency, they are a partner.”

Eve Cline
Chief Experience Officer at Enavate