Dynamic Dental Partners Group Launches an Innovative Campaign Engine Worth Smiling About

DDPG provides administrative and operational support to dental practices using integrated dental care delivery systems. The company’s extensive service area, which includes 50+ dental practices across more than 6 states, left the marketing department with multiple channels to manage. Each channel included PPC campaigns, banner advertising, Facebook ads, print ads, direct mail promotions and more – all of which were being funneled to generic landing pages. DDPG turned to Roger West for help consolidating marketing efforts while boosting conversion rates. 

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Dynamic Dental Partners Group (DDPG), now known as Pure Dental Brands, was a dental service organization that was formed by industry veterans partnering with independent dentists to create a professional dental network. The company provides clinical training, operational management support, and centralized back-office services. DDPG’s mission was to maximize the integration of patient relationships, dental technologies, and modern business efficiencies in a family-oriented practice environment. 


  • Campaign Engine Development
  • Landing Page/Template Design
  • Ad Design
  • Direct Mail Collateral
  • Messaging
  • PPC/Retargeting Campaigns
  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Direct Mail Campaigns

Dynamic Solutions Braced for Success

Roger West wanted to create a simple way for DDPG to manage hundreds of landing pages with variable data. Each dental practice had its own brand identity, logos, phone numbers, addresses, price points, and more. The agency set out to develop a dynamic solution that could manage the individual practices while still centralizing campaign assets.

In addition to creating all the campaign assets and managing paid to spend, Roger West developed an administrative interface, including:

  • Location module: all essential information for each practice can be edited and updated, including practice name, logos, address, phone number, location-specific disclaims, and coordinates for Google Maps. 
  • Dentist module: houses the dentist’s name, photo, license number, and location association.
  • Campaign module: specific campaigns were set up, pulling together elements under a distinct campaign ID number (such as marketing channel, specific offer, location, and landing page template).

The dynamic modules enabled special promotions from different channels. For example, a campaign call to action originating from a Facebook ad directed traffic to a landing page that promoted a $50 discount for teeth whitening at a specific practice. 

Hybrid Landing Pages Shine

The landing page templates created by Roger West were pre-designed layouts with a blend of static areas (main image, promotional copy) and dynamic areas (discounts, location, contact information, testimonials), simplifying the campaign experience without sacrificing quality or brand cohesion. 



increase in sales


distinct dental practices


increase in new patients

Optimize and Adjust

Roger West monitored each campaign using a variety of tracking mechanisms, including unique campaign ID numbers, phone numbers, and hidden page referrers from fields. As a result, the agency was able to continuously optimize each campaign.

If the goal of a campaign was to bring 20 new patients to each location, and one location reached that goal, the agency was able to stop the campaign and reallocate spend to other locations. Roger West values the importance of data and reporting, and leveraged insights to manage high-performing campaigns. Plus, these real-time adjustments on the fast interface kept cost per click and cost per lead down.

I could not have launched close to 300 campaigns in such a short period of time without Roger West’s innovation, creativity and diligence.”

Shanna Tumbleson
Vice President of Marketing at DDPG