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Most everyone agrees that it’s important to have a brand voice and that a company should adhere to an overall messaging strategy – but if that brand isn’t massaged and allowed to evolve as your organization grows, things get messy. Before you know it, your customers lose sight of who you are, your employees aren’t clear what you stand for, and your prospects don’t think of you at all. That’s why it’s so critically important to find an agency partner who can work with your team to take a step back and help you make sure you stand for the things you think do. 

Share Your Story with Confidence 

Taking your company in a new direction? Expanding your services? Joining forces through a merger? No matter where you are in your messaging and positioning journey – we can help with: 

What Is Brand Positioning?

Your company, brand and services evolve over time. That goes without saying. Your customers’ needs and wants also evolve. That’s not ground-breaking insight either.  The problem is that companies rarely take a step back and look at their brand to make sure that they are communicating effectively with their many audiences.  

What resonates with one buyer persona might be completely wrong for another. That’s why brand positioning is such an essential exercise. It’s how you ensure you are talking to the right people, the right way. 

Marketing With a Consistent Message

So why do you need a brand positioning agency to help you define who you are? Who knows you better than you? At Roger West, our brand messaging team specializes in asking the hard questions. We know it isn’t easy to talk about yourself and it’s even harder to find a consensus when you bring together several well-meaning employees together in a room to talk about the brand. Having a third-party that you can trust to do the heavy lifting and get real, non-biased feedback about you can be a gamechanger.  Armed with this new intel, you can get to work honing your brand voice to ensure that all your internal and external communication is consistent.  

Who Needs Brand Positioning?

Brand positioning is not just for start-ups and young companies on a growth trajectory – it’s for any company with aspirations to stand out from the crowd and build customer loyalty through differentiation, regardless of size or market share. And better yet – it’s for letting your competition know that you’re still the competition.   

You have the personality, let’s put it on display

A brand’s personality is the unique set of characteristics that define how customers view you, how prospects are introduced to your brand, and how your employees feel about the organization. A brand positioning agency can help ensure that your brand is perceived in the way you intend it to be, leading to better engagement, stronger loyalty, and more positive feelings about your business. 

Brand Positioning Agency Tampa, FL

Let us help you craft a detailed messaging framework to share your brand story, value proposition, tagline, differentiators, and more. Even better, we’ll help you figure out exactly who should be hearing your story. 

With the help of Roger West’s messaging team, you’ll never be at a loss for words on how to communicate the strength, identity, or value of your brand. Let’s talk! 

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