Employee Happiness & Productivity… We Nailed It.

September 05, 2019   /   by  Cassie Shukitis

Employee Happiness & Productivity… We Nailed It.

The birds are chirping, it’s not raining for once, and the smell of acetone fills the air at the Roger West office in Tampa, Florida. You might be a little confused, it’s understandable. We’re getting our nails done – and it’s just one of the many things we do to make this place one of the area’s best places to work.

So… you’re probably wondering how we were able to swing this benefit of getting our nails done at the office. A huge shout out to Roger West’s fabulous Account Manager, Marisa Brasile, for leading this corporate culture initiative. She scouted a local Insta-famous mobile nail technician, Vivian (IG: @thenaildetails), to get the job done.

“Vivian not only does astounding nail art but she boosts our confidence and company morale. It was pretty easy for me to get buy-in from our employees with the goal of continuing to increase employee happiness,” says Marisa Brasile, Account Manager.

No wonder the CEO supports this initiative, he knows productivity is off the charts when his employees are feeling their best… and of course, that starts with a good mani.

“Our women are rock stars and we do our best to let them know how much they are appreciated,” says Mike Westafer, CEO and Founder of Roger West.

Culture, Community, and Beauty

With all this R&R at Roger West, how are we still producing killer content, creative and strategies for all our clients? We believe that the benefits we receive improve our productivity and company culture. Roger West has been in business for 12 years now and has learned how to make employees happy, while still maintaining productivity. A little fun never hurt anyone and Roger West knows that to stay successful, it’s important to both work hard and play hard. Mike works hard to make sure his employees are happy, and in turn, Roger West was recognized by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as a Best Places To Work finalist in 2019. Roger West does more than just provide fresh manicures, there’s also the Whiskey Wednesday tradition (we all love us some whiskey), random pizza parties, birthday shenanigans and more.

Roger West Announcement – if you wouldn’t be happy with a surprise pizza party you don’t have a soul and are not welcome here.

As a marketing agency, things can get hectic at times, especially with our growing client list. Roger West makes their employees a priority. We have perks like these to keep us feeling refreshed. A rejuvenated office boosts productivity and allows us all to better serve our clients, aiding in monumental results. We believe that the most successful work comes from a happy employee community. Have you been begging to get out of your stressful 9-5 job? Are you looking for an agency that matches your company’s energy? Roger West is here to rescue you. Give us a shout and let us know how we can help you.

Cassie Shukitis

Cassie Shukitis

Account Manager

As an Account Manager for Roger West, Cassie worked with a variety of clients to develop SEO-based strategies that generated leads and increased brand awareness in their respective markets.