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Zoominations Billboard

After launching the Zoominations microsite, Roger West immediately turned to the creation of several outdoor billboard concepts to promote the event. The creative goal was to communicate the colossal size of the vibrant, hand-painted Chinese lanterns while using a strong, but simple call to action to entice the local family audience to attend.

The final detailed art demonstrated the true-to-life size difference between the dragon lantern and a child, challenging them to “catch” a 100-foot dragon. The board was executed on both print and digital outdoor billboards, and were displayed throughout the Tampa Bay area.

Wildly Successful Results

Since displaying the billboards, the Zoo reported that both day gate and special event night gate and general market awareness increased.

About Lowry Park Zoo

Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is the region’s only dedicated zoological garden and features natural outdoor exhibits that are home to more than 1,000 animals from Florida and similar habitats. With rides, shows, and hands-on experiences, Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is designed to enhance quality of life in the Tampa Bay area by providing an affordable leisure destination and center for education and endangered species conservation.

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