Roger West Debuts Video Demo Reel

October 21, 2015  /  by  Diane Callihan

Roger West is Probably Not Batman

When “The Dark Knight Rises” trailer came out in 2012, I completely, for lack of a better word, geeked out. (I just watched it again. It gives me chills, man. Chills!)

First of all, it’s Batman. I shouldn’t need to say more than that. If you don’t think Batman is badass, you should probably stop reading this and go back to your knitting.

But, for me, and for my city, it was more than that. I’m from Pittsburgh, and much of The Dark Knight Rises was filmed in our beloved downtown.

A lot of us were sitting in traffic the day they shut down Smithfield Street so the Batmobile could speed by. And from our office windows, we watched the film crew blow fake snow over a city block as Batman and Bane fought on the steps of City Hall.

The trailer ends with this amazing scene: Heinz Field IMPLODES as Hines Ward runs in for a Steeler touchdown. I mean, it was almost too much to take. I may have to go lie down.

The point is, when we can connect our own experiences with something happening on screen, it makes an impact. You connect. You remember.

Here at Roger West, we have our own little trailer of sorts – a video demo reel. We get excited watching it because we can see projects we’ve worked on and clients we’ve worked with.

It also gives a glimpse into our capabilities. Without a single word this video demonstrates our creativity, and our ability to be surprising and bold.

It’s only about a minute long, so sit back, have a handful of popcorn, and enjoy.

Interested in creating videos that make an impact? Let’s talk.

"I’m not saying Roger West is Batman. I’m just saying Roger West and Batman have never been seen in the same room together."