Why We’re Excited about Sitefinity 10

April 04, 2017   /   by  Michael Westafer

A Few of Our Favorite Things about Sitefinity’s Latest Release

Progress recently released Sitefinity 10, a release driven by both customer and partner feedback, and it offers a ton of sweet new features.

Sitefinity, in case you are not familiar with it, is an enterprise-level .NET content management system. Our agency – Roger West – has been a Sitefinity Gold Partner for a decade, implemented nearly 40 Sitefinity websites, and won their Website of the Year award in 2013, 2015 and 2017.

So yeah, we really like it. For a lot of reasons. And now, with this new release, we like it even more.

Here’s why:

3rd Party User Authentication – If your website requires a login, this feature allows users to log in using common accounts like Google, Facebook or Twitter. This makes your site easier for users to access – without having to remember another user ID – and automatically pulls in the information your company needs to track.

Site Shield – This is helpful for agencies like ours because it lets you have a website in development that is locked down to the general public, but allows you to create secure user access for external stakeholders to review.

Site Warmup Tool – You know how the first time you visit a website, it is sometimes slow to load? That’s because the site needs to assemble all the assets for each page and load them one by one. You don’t have images or other content “cached” in your browser yet. Sitefinity 10’s new warmup tool allows you to automatically prime every page of your website, so all the pages have already been loaded prior to anyone’s first visit. This greatly improves your site’s speed and performance. This is especially a great tool for large, enterprise sites, and is useful whenever you must perform a site restart.

The Site Warmup Tool shows that Progress was really thinking about developers with this release and the day-to-day maintenance that we perform. They’re giving us tools that will really make our work easier.” – Chris Aybar, CTO, Roger West

System Health Check – This handy-dandy tool monitors the basic and vital functions of your website and flags you when something is not connecting properly.

OUR FAV: SVG Image Support –A Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG file) is an XML-based vector image format for two-dimensional graphics. Our designers love these because they are completely crisp graphics that can scale up or down for different-sized screens without losing fidelity or becoming pixelated.

These are ideal for website icons or infographics.

Now, even though these files are comprised of XML code, they can be uploaded as media files in Sitefinity 10, and then easily inserted into your page.

This is huge. Sitefinity is one of the first content management systems to support SVGs, so we no longer have to figure out work-arounds to use them. Having this feature is great for everyone.” – Joe Godbee, Senior Interactive Designer, Roger West

Click here to learn more about the new features offered in Sitefinity 10.

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Michael Westafer

Michael Westafer


As the CEO and founder of Roger West, Mike brings over 25 years of marketing, leadership, and business strategy experience to our team, clients, and partners. Under his leadership, the Roger West has grown from a scrappy startup to a full-service, award-winning agency. He believes in getting things done, making big things happen for clients, and delivering expert fist-bumps.