I Wanna Be a Billionaire…

November 06, 2018   /   by  Michael Westafer

Like most decent Americans, I bought lottery tickets recently. It’s not every day you get a chance to win over a billion dollars. And I figured the odds were in my favor.

I’m an optimist.

So, when I woke up the next morning, I was upset to read that the winning ticket was bought in South Carolina.

Then I read that a couple tickets sold in Florida (my state) were worth a million.

I didn’t even want to check my tickets.


Because I realized I would be disappointed if I won a million dollars when I had the chance to win a billion.

A million was stupid. I didn’t even want it.

OK. That’s not rational thinking. But that’s how I felt.

And it made me think about the dangers of unrealistic expectations.

As owner of a digital marketing agency – award-winning, awesome – I’ve been on the other side of unrealistic expectations.

Sometimes prospects or clients think that as soon as a new website, blog post, campaign or white paper goes out, new business will immediately start pouring in. While those things can drive traffic, most marketing takes time and patience to gain traction.

Unrealistic expectations can result in clients giving up too soon. Cutting their budgets or stopping campaigns. If they can’t win the billion, they don’t want the million.

Don’t get me wrong. We’ve delivered some amazing results for our clients. Our paid search work with Roy’s Restaurants increased their reservations increased by a whopping 434% over 7 months.

And after over 8 years helping to market a small healthcare tech company called Phytel, they were acquired by IBM.

There can be lottery-winning moments in marketing – but you shouldn’t expect them. Work for them.

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Michael Westafer

Michael Westafer


As the CEO and founder of Roger West, Mike brings over 25 years of marketing, leadership, and business strategy experience to our team, clients, and partners. Under his leadership, the Roger West has grown from a scrappy startup to a full-service, award-winning agency. He believes in getting things done, making big things happen for clients, and delivering expert fist-bumps.