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Diane Callihan is an Emmy-award winning writer with 15+ years' experience in digital marketing, an MFA in Creative Non-Fiction Writing, and a lifelong love of story-telling. When she's not busy sharing her love for Roger West with the universe, she likes to explore the wilds of Florida, play with her super-zoom camera, and talk to alligators.

  • Very interesting post, I can see more and more companies using consultants to work with the agencies in years to come, as consultants understand the industry and will help business achieve their goals. Now a days I find agencies are very sales driven and not so much performance driven, there’s a long of money to be made for agencies and like you said the rate is hourly. Using consultants over agencies or hiring consultants to work with the agencies, will only help business, especially the ones with limited knowledge of digital marketing and don’t see the need to employ a digital marketing specialist full time. This is a service I’m looking to do myself, it was an interesting read, thanks.

    • Diane Callihan

      Thanks – glad you enjoyed it!

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