4 Reasons Jon Snow Would Be Great at Search Engine Optimization

May 16, 2019   /   by  Samantha Simon

The King in the North and the rightful heir to the Iron Throne is a force to be reckoned with throughout The Game of Thrones universe. He comes back from the dead. He rides dragons. He has dreamy hair.

So, let’s be real: SEO would be a walk in the park for this Stark-Targaryen hybrid should he be looking for a career change. Here are the top four reasons we’d kill to have Jon Snow on our marketing team.

Link Building

Jon Snow is undeniably good at creating links. When he needed to build up his army for the war against the dead, he built links with the Wildlings, the Unsullied and the Dothraki. In the same way that building links with other war-mongers can make an army stronger, building links with reputable websites can make your website stronger.

Link building is one of the most important aspects of SEO. If you want to rank high on search engine results pages you need to have links leading to and from your website. Google’s PageRank algorithm measures the quality of a page based on the number of links drawn to it.

However, you can’t just try to get as many links as you can from low-quality pages or buy links. Google’s algorithm detects this behavior, and you will get penalized. Jon Snow would have never defeated the Night King with a bunch of worthless allies or an army that was being paid by the iron bank.

There are no shortcuts here.

Keyword Research

Like any great leader, Jon Snow has many people on his team who can help him with research. Remember when he sent Samwell Tarly to The Citadel to research specific tools that would help their army in the war against the dead? The more tools their army had the more of a chance they stood against the Night King.

Think of these tools as keywords. Keywords help your website compete against other websites. The more relevant keywords your content has, the higher you will rank compared to other sites.

Keyword research is important because you might find highly relevant search terms that you would have never thought of without it. Without keyword research, you will have a hard time defeating the other sites on SERPs the same way the North would have never defeated the army of the dead without the right tools.

Domain Authority

Domain authority is your website’s reputation on the internet. Sites with high domain authority typically have quality content and high-quality inbound and outbound links. When your website has high authority, it ranks better in SERPs, increasing traffic to your page.

Jon Snow is the embodiment of high domain authority, everyone knows you can trust everything about him. After all, he is linked to some of the highest quality houses in all of the seven kingdoms.

Never Give Up

Did Jon Snow give up after he was stabbed five times in the chest and left for dead by his own people? Nope. He probably wouldn’t give up on SEO either. He’s wise enough to play the long game.

Optimization takes time, you’re not going to be the first result on Google’s Search Results Page overnight. We can all channel our inner Jon Snow when it comes to SEO techniques. Most importantly, you need to keep working at it and be willing to try different techniques, you never know what will pay off.

While we wait for Jon to reply to the job offer that we sent via a crow, we’d love to help you with your SEO needs. Let’s Talk.

Samantha Simon

Samantha Simon

Digital Marketing Strategist

As a Marketing Coordinator and Digital Marketing Strategist for Roger West, Samantha planned and executed campaigns for clients across multiple channels to help drive awareness and create new leads.