Evolution: The Future of Facebook

September 26, 2019   /   by  Cassie Shukitis

Big Changes to Facebook are on Their Way

Don’t panic about these changes, everything will be okay as long as everyone stays informed about the Facebook alterations. Facebook will be phasing in and out three major changes to how everyone uses the social media platform, from business to personal. We also cannot forget the two HUGE changes that will alter the iconic Facebook aesthetic.

Three BIG Changes Coming

  • Extraction of Outdated Interest Targets -This is not meant to harm advertisers, it’s actually Facebook's way of decluttering. Outdated interest targets won’t be available for new campaigns. Notifications will be sent out starting in August, giving advertisers a few months before they are prompted to change their targets. Roger West Exclusive - Most advertisers won’t even notice the removals. It pertains to ‘outdated’ interest targets for a reason.
  • Privacy is the Future - Are we all sick of hearing about privacy yet? Trust us, we are tired of hearing about it too, but Facebook jumped on the bandwagon with their own set of privacy changes. Mark Zuckerberg stated, “Privacy gives us the freedom to be ourselves.” Zuckerberg believes that a shift in online interaction is coming and that Facebook community groups and instant messaging are what the future holds for private interactions. Facebook will build public and private community groups online. Facebook wants its users to be able to be both private and public online with just one click.
  • Testing Ads in Search Results - This is nothing new, Facebook has been up to this for over six months. However, Facebook is extending ads placed in search results to more advertisers’ accounts. These ads can appear in both News Feeds and Marketplace. This can open new opportunities to reach engaged users searching for goods or services. Everyone - keep your eyes open and be ready for this feature to open to the public for ads.

The Changes Everyone SHOULD Have Already Known

Aesthetic, every business loves a good one. Facebook is amping up theirs with a full logo redesign, along with revamping their desktop view and mobile app. The brand refresh will make group pages more prominent and easier to post onto the network’s interface. This is good news! A cleaner and more streamlined Facebook awaits.

Do You Think This Won't Affect Your Business?

Wrong! Businesses need to realize the opportunity for organic growth with Facebook Groups. No need to fuss yet, Facebook hasn’t even announced when this will launch. Your business still has time to draft up a plan on how you can take full advantage of Facebook's redesign and revamp.

As a digital marketing agency, Roger West knows the importance of staying ahead of the curve with trends and upcoming changes in the digital world. Do you want us to help you prepare for the future of Facebook? We can help!

Cassie Shukitis

Cassie Shukitis

Account Manager

As an Account Manager for Roger West, Cassie worked with a variety of clients to develop SEO-based strategies that generated leads and increased brand awareness in their respective markets.