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Tried and True Digital Marketing Strategies to Reach Top Talent

Strengthen your recruitment pipeline and employment brand with talent-focused marketing campaigns.

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What We Do

Our team of seasoned HR, digital marketing, branding and content experts develop campaigns and strategies that help you find and engage top talent.

  • Digital Media & PPC
  • Employment Branding
  • Recruiting Videos
  • Career Pages

How We Help

Whether you’re looking to find new sources of talent, improve the quality of your applicant pool, or hire candidates who fit your culture, we can help you reach your goals.

  • Increase Recruiting Leads
  • Develop Your Employee Value Proposition
  • Improve Candidate Experience
  • Enhance Diversity Recruitment

Roger West Talent Marketing Services

Recruitment Marketing

Increase Your Applicant Pool

Digital Marketing

Create digital campaigns with compelling job postings, effective videos, talent acquisition videos, and other recruitment assets to target specific audiences and generate more candidate leads for your HR team.

Paid Media Strategies

Leverage paid media and advertising channels to boost your recruitment reach and attract top candidates to your site.

Unique Hiring Campaigns

Engage potential candidates through social media, career fairs, and diverse outreach programs to attract and retain the top-level talent that will help your business grow.

Find Top Talent

Reduced cost per lead by over 200%

Increased paid search click-through rate by over50%

Talent Strategy

Employment Brand

Develop unique brand promises that represent the best of what you offer and are consistent with your customer brand to attract and retain top talent.

Candidate Experience Design

Create a better applicant experience that aligns with your employment brand by designing, building, and testing a cohesive candidate journey to keep top talent engaged.

HR Communications

Align internal messaging and experiences, highlighting your culture and brand promise.

Tell Your Story

Increased new users via organic search by 56%

Increased social media & online engagement by 50%

We Know What It Takes

At Roger West, we pride ourselves on building a work culture and employer brand that attracts and retains the very best talent.

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5x "Best Place to Work" Finalist (Tampa Bay Business Journal)

3x "Best Workplaces" Honoree (Inc. Magazine)

3x 2022 Tampa Bay Small Business of the Year (Tampa Bay Chamber of Commerce)