Enavate Vision 2024

December 10, 2020

Culture and vision are core tenets of the Enavate brand, and it was important that every member of the Enavate team feel included and empowered by the organization. To instill a sense of deep community and aspiration within the Enavate team, CEO Thomas Ajspur and the company’s executive leadership conceived Vision 2024. The goal of this project was to inspire the entire Enavate community – team members, clients, partners and prospects – to set and exceed goals while illustrating the vision for Enavate in the coming years.

Roger West’s content and design teams were once again enlisted to help bring this dream to fruition, using messaging and design to create engaging assets. Among the materials developed for the Vision 2024 project, a booklet on the company’s vision and branded t-shirts were sent to the entire Enavate team. Roger West provided copywriting, design, and production services to Enavate to help the organization better envision their very promising future.