We help companies build brands, generate leads, and keep customers inspired and engaged.

It all started in 2007 when career-creative Michael Westafer grew tired of seeing things done just “OK.” Armed with a home equity loan and a card table, he decided to try his hand at entrepreneurship by founding Roger West, a digital marketing agency committed to delivering excellence. Not too long after, Mike enlisted the help of developer-genius Chris Aybar – bringing the “code” to Roger West.

Roger West quickly began to acquire bold new clients looking to grow their businesses, develop dynamic websites and produce marketing campaigns that yielded undeniable results. Since then, Roger West has expanded to more than 20 designers, developers, writers and marketing experts getting their hands dirty and working together to exceed client expectations.

Our approach is simple. We hire smart, seasoned people who live to work hard and play hard. The Roger West team is chock full of actual experts who are passionate about the work and strive to create partnerships with our clients to develop creative projects that drive growth and crush KPIs.

Clients say they can see the difference. We’ve been around the block a few times and picked up some awards along the way, so we understand the underlying business strategies that drive successful digital marketing. We get the need to track performance and constantly innovate, and we’re not afraid to take calculated risks to reap huge rewards.

We’ve got the creative. We’ll create the code. Let’s do this.

Our Culture

If there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years, it’s that things are always better when we’re together. (We also love that Jack Johnson song). We’re serious about teamwork and passionate about the beautiful things that can happen when we all work together. This philosophy is the basis of the Roger West culture. We work hard, together, to design, develop, write and create effective marketing solutions for our clients. And when we’re done creating, we celebrate, together.

A four-time “best places to work” award winner (based on independent employee surveys), we’re darn proud of what we’ve built because as far as we’re concerned, everyone is on the A-Team. We’ve got top-level talent working on each account, every time. The agency is comprised of creatives, technologists and business leaders with big ideas, strong opinions and the experience to bring it all together.

In the same way we want our clients to know that we hear them, we want our team to feel seen, heard and appreciated. At Roger West, the door is always open, so anyone can share their ideas and recommendations. Because we’re a team of experts, we trust our team members to do what is right, to speak up when something is off, and to give every project maximum effort.

We’re proud to work hard and play hard, together.