Roger West Digital Agency Launches Responsive Website for Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo

September 15, 2015

Tampa, Florida – September 9, 2015– Roger West Creative & Code, a digital agency based in Tampa, Florida, recently launched a new responsive web site for Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, a globally recognized, accredited zoological society with over 1,200 exotic animals and more than 800,000 annual visitors.

The new web design features bright colors, dramatic imagery of up-close animal interactions and several custom responsive layouts that are easily accessible on all devices: desktop, tablet and mobile.

“The team at Roger West delivered a web design that is guest friendly and interactive,” says Tony Moore, COO at Lowry Park Zoo. “Both our staff and visitors are pleased with how the website positions our organization as a leader in conservation, while helping us achieve our goals for ticket sales, membership and fundraising.”

Roger West also tackled several usability challenges by conducting a complete content audit, reorganizing the site’s architecture, improving site wide navigation and placing clear calls to action throughout the website.

The Zoo has conducted several focus groups of the new web site. “The feedback we’ve received has been very positive,” says Jetuan Rodriguez, Project Manager at the Zoo. “Users report that the site is more visually engaging, easier to understand and navigate, and much more enjoyable to use.”

The custom responsive web design is developed on Sitefinity CMS, an enterprise-level .NET content management system, which has been customized to allow the Zoo’s marketing team to dynamically manage a growing library of data-driven content. This library includes more than 200 events, 160 reciprocal zoos, 150 animal bios, 140 sponsors, 86 attractions, 72 news articles and much more.

“We have so much happening at the Zoo each day. New animals, upcoming events, children’s camps and classes – I always have new content to update and promote,” says Kayla Hayes, Marketing Coordinator at the Zoo. “The customizations from Roger West make it easy for me to do my job, and keep our web site current and accurate.”

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Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo is the region’s only dedicated zoological garden and features natural outdoor exhibits that are home to more than 1,000 animals from Florida and similar habitats. With rides, shows, and hands-on experiences, Lowry Park Zoo is designed to enhance quality of life in the Tampa Bay area by providing an affordable leisure destination and center for education and endangered species conservation.