Wobbles the Clown and Memorable Marketing

January 09, 2018   /   by  Diane Callihan

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down

When I was a kid, I was enthralled by advertising jingles. Sadly, even after 3 or 4 decades (I am ancient) there are still a bunch of them that take up space in my brain in place of useful information, like my Netflix password or how to do taxes.

Imagine going to the Weeble circus,
Good friends all around.
Right over there is Wobbles Weeble,
He’s the circus clown.

See the Weeble on the flying trapeze?
He falls off, easy as you please,
Right over there is Wobbles the Clown,
Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.

I swear I didn’t look this up, and since Weebles and I pre-date the Internet, it may not even exist anywhere other than my memory.

Chic realizes
Women come in all shapes and sizes
That’s why jeans by Chic
Are proportioned to fit
From leg-to-waist, hip-to-hip.

This is possibly the least useful superpower ever. I can also recite The Jabberwocky – usually when I’m a bit drunk, but that’s another story.

You’re just an old chameleon
Machiavellian, my friend,
You been changing on your mama
Since the day you slithered in.

One minute, you’re the boy next door
The next, you dirty rat.
You’re a bad, bad, bad chameleon
Now who do you think you’re lookin’ at?

Chameleon Sunglasses – they can change your whole outlook.

Sorry you can’t hear me sing these, but take my word for it, they’re quite catchy. They stand the test of time. Even though I’m fairly certain that none of these products exist anymore, their marketing remains. At least with me.

What are you doing to make your marketing memorable? You don’t need a catchy jingle, but you do need an idea that sticks, engages and resonates – no matter whether you’re selling Weebles or software.

Your marketing can be immortal. We can help. Let’s talk.

Diane Callihan

Diane Callihan

With more than 20 years of experience writing for some of the country’s top brands, Diane helped to shape Roger West’s content strategy, lead generation, and PR efforts as Director of Marketing. She currently serves as President of Callihan Content Creation.