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August 08, 2023   /   by  Roger West

TL; DR: By focusing on Cost per Action (CPA) performance metrics and leveraging data-rich location scoring, Roger West has helped our restaurant clients improve their Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) by as much as 21x.

As part of our ongoing strategy to improve digital ad spending performance, we’re always on the lookout for new platforms and technologies that provide the data and insights needed to generate better ROI and results for our clients. This is especially important for our restaurant clients, who rely on digital marketing campaigns to drive reservations and dine-in visits. They want a strategy that’s a bit more sophisticated than simply identifying a target demographic and blanketing the media landscape with ads in the hopes of catching a potential customer’s attention. More importantly, they don’t want to waste a ton of money on low calorie clicks that get engagement but don’t directly translate into business.

That’s why they come to us!

You Should Only Pay for Results that Matter

A lot of digital strategies are built around a vague understanding of how ad conversions ultimately contribute to revenue. Less scrupulous agencies often boast about being able to generate “incredible” conversions, but when you peel back the layers of data, you’ll usually discover that a lot of those impressions or conversions they’re so proud of don’t actually translate into actual revenue for their clients. When you’re trying to win a client’s trust and convince them to take a chance on new approaches to their ad spending, it’s important to come to the conversation armed with simple, impactful data that backs up whatever you’re proposing.

For many of our restaurant clients, we build strategies that use Cost per Action (CPA) as a performance metric. That means you only pay for advertising that actually drives your target audience to take an action. Want to get more reservations for your restaurant? Great. We’ll set that conversion type as our performance metric and make sure that you’re only being charged for clicks that directly increase your reservation numbers.

Our team also leverages a wide range of proprietary datasets and machine learning algorithms to help you identify each campaign’s ideal audience and focus your resources more efficiently. Since we work with real-time data and use complex location-scoring to determine where to make investments, we can filter out biases and inaccurate results from your campaign monitoring data to provide more visibility into what’s working and what needs to be adjusted.

Creating Location-Based Digital Strategies

One of the more exciting developments over the last few years has been the emergence of software tools that enable marketers to create location-based campaigns. While the concept of geo-fencing, in which digital ads are served to devices within a specified geographic area, has been around for a while, the latest generation of this technology allows us to take location-centric strategies to a whole new level. This is especially valuable for restaurants because they need to reach people within the vicinity of each location, but also target potential customers who may not always be in that area or may not be ready to commit to making a reservation.

For example, image that you’re a restaurant based in downtown Tampa (our hometown!). While it makes sense to serve up ads in the metro area for your lunch specials or after work cocktail hour during the day, you’re going to miss out on a lot of your audience when they go home during the evening. Sure, they might remember seeing the ad and think of you when it’s time to make dinner plans, but that’s leaving a lot to chance and it’s hard to attribute those decisions to your ad spending.

Now, imagine that you had a way to track and target people who fit your ideal customer profile and are routinely in your area. Maybe they drive into the city to work every day or came by your restaurant for lunch for a business meeting. Or maybe they visited your Tampa location on a trip and don’t realize you have another location near their hometown.

Suddenly, you could reach out to these potential customers with unique messaging to drive the type of conversions you’re looking for. Looking to boost your reservation numbers for the weekend? Now you can use the data you’ve gathered to inform retargeting strategies that serve up ads to devices and platforms well beyond your geo-fenced location. So, somebody who may not even be thinking about their weekend dinner plans may get a Facebook ad prompting them to make a reservation while they’re sitting on the couch Tuesday night.

Your Digital Media Campaign Deserves Better Results

By deploying sophisticated, location-based digital media strategies utilizing the latest technology, the Roger West digital team has successfully boosted reservations numbers and overall revenue for our restaurant clients. In one case, our campaign resulted in a jaw-dropping 21x return on ad spend!

While we’re always thrilled to provide our clients with results that make an impact, these campaigns are also a testament to the importance of identifying new resources and deploying them effectively. We take the same approach to every one of our clients. If you’re not constantly evaluating ways to get better, you’re probably falling behind. That’s why we’re always on the lookout for the next tool that helps us get more value out of our strategies.

Want to learn more about how Roger West can use the latest and greatest digital marketing tools to generate more leads for your business and improve your paid media ROI? Let’s talk.

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