Don’t Drink and Blog

December 15, 2017   /   by  Diane Callihan

Or your post might be utter nonsense

Guys, it’s the holidays. Close enough. And anyway, it’s Friday. Maybe you aren’t seeing this on a Friday, but I’m writing it on a Friday.

You get the idea. It’s happy hour.

And our Director of Accounts (Hi, Jared!) was laughing at the idea of me drinking and blogging and I thought, as I do with most really bad ideas, why the heck not?

A small portion of my stuff never sees the light of day anyway. (Too angry. Too controversial. Too fluffy.) And if this gets through…man, that would be epic.

So. How YOU doin’?

The Missy Elliot channel is playing my jam. The sun is setting over Bucs stadium. All is right with the world.

I love you guys.

I wonder if I can talk my husband into taking me to Waffle House for dinner.

I wonder if I say digital marketing three times in a row, my boss will appear like Beetlejuice. With the striped suit, tiny head and everything.

I wonder if I could smuggle a kitten into the office. (mew)

Hi. (*Waves)

Alright, people, I’ve tired of this little experiment. There’s dancing to be danced, bad decisions to be made, waffles to eat.

It’s Friday, it’s the holidays (close enough) and the opportunities are endless.

Digital marketing.

Digital marketing.

Digital marketing.

Well, I’ll be darned…

Diane Callihan

Diane Callihan

With more than 20 years of experience writing for some of the country’s top brands, Diane helped to shape Roger West’s content strategy, lead generation, and PR efforts as Director of Marketing. She currently serves as President of Callihan Content Creation.