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We’re very excited that we now have a web presence that not only reflects our brand, but allows our users to explore the latest in data & analytics resources, discover technology events and connect with our team. Roger West helped us put together a compelling, informative site that will help us reach and educate a broader audience about the power of business intelligence solutions.”

-Caroline Wright, Marketing Manager at CCG

First, we collaborated with CCG to identify the unique selling proposition that sets the company apart from competitors and emotionally connects with target CXOs. The theme we landed on was “Confidence” since the insights gained from CCG’s business intelligence and analytical solutions can provide business leaders with confidence in making the right decisions. That theme was carried throughout CCG’s new site.

Secondly, Roger West and CCG created a more streamlined and intuitive site architecture, making it easier for people to find what they were looking for. The responsive website was built with Sitefinity, an enterprise-level CMS that makes it easy for CCG to administer content. We also developed a robust, categorized resource center with filtering capabilities, and an events module to manage upcoming workshops, conferences and classes. These capabilities will help establish CCG as a thought leader in their industry.

Roger West also coordinated a photo shoot so that the pictures on the website showed real employees in their own office space, as opposed to stock images. This, along with custom infographics and icons, gives the site a more authentic and professional feel.

Finally, Roger West developed assets such as responsive landing pages which enable CCG to quickly launch and track unique lead generation campaigns.

About CCG

Convergence Consulting Group is a Tampa-based, award-winning consulting firm with a passion for helping clients through innovative Business Intelligence (BI) services. Moving beyond reporting, their BI solutions support data governance, quality and standardization across the organization and enable stakeholders with tools like predictive analytics, user-defined alerts, data mining, what-if analysis and visually dazzling dashboards.

3111 W Doctor M.L.K. Jr Blvd LakePointe Two | Suite #360, Tampa, FL 33607